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Check out the new video for BAD TASTE, conceived and produced by claymation wizard Greg Page of Auckland’s Fish & Clips Studios


Bad Taste Fuzz: Limited Edition Pedal

The Datsuns BAD TASTE FUZZ is now available. Our guitar player, Christian, is a wizard with electronics and has been concocting wild sounds in the lab under the moniker MAGNETIC EFFECTS.

If you missed out on the limited edition DEATH RATTLE FUZZ stomp box back in 2012, here’s your chance to remedy your sorrows or add to your collection with the BAD TASTE FUZZ. A limited edition, handmade pedal produced exclusively for The Datsuns to celebrate the release of their new album Deep Sleep.

An original design hybrid silicon, germanium and opamp fuzz, the Bad Taste Fuzz is a medium gain fuzz with a controlled low end response. The top end has a nice balance of bite and smoothness as well as a healthy dose of midrange which enables the fuzz to sit well in the mix, particularly in live situations. Controls are: Volume, Tone, Contour and Fuzz. The Tone and Contour controls are interactive which enables a wide range of sounds to be achieved.

The Bad Taste Fuzz has a high input impedance and a low output impedance which allows the pedal to play nice with buffered pedals in the signal chain. Switching is true bypass and the pedal can be powered by a standard 9V DC centre negative adapter.

The sturdy powder coated enclosure comes adorned with amazing art from french illustrator Phillipe Caza. Wow your friends, freak your folks, wig out!

Limited to 50 units ONLY. £150 (GBP) Per unit. Order here.


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22 Dec 2014 Napier, NZL The Cabana The Cabana
21 Dec 2014 Masterton, NZ King St Live King St Live
20 Dec 2014 Christchurch, NZ Bedford @ CPSA Bedford @ CPSA
19 Dec 2014 Wellington, NZ San Fran San Fran
18 Dec 2014 Auckland, NZ Kings Arms Kings Arms
14 Dec 2014 Fremantle, Western Australia ( AUS ) Railway Hotel Railway Hotel
13 Dec 2014 Perth, Western Australia ( AUS ) Astor Theatre Astor Theatre
12 Dec 2014 Bunbury, Western Australia ( AUS ) Prince of Wales Prince of Wales
11 Dec 2014 Mandurah, Western Australia ( AUS ) Leisure Inn Leisure Inn
10 Dec 2014 Adelaide, South Australia ( AUS ) Jive Jive

A record that sprang from an experiment in Space and Time: The geographical Space between the four band members who all live in different parts of the world, and the short pocket of Time they had together in the same country to put something to tape.

‘The narrative of Deep Sleep is this: we got together, we wrote some songs and we recorded them in the space of ten days,’ says de Borst, ‘It was basically an experiment to see if we could do it and this is what we got, for better or worse. We had this manifesto of ‘we have to do this fast, it needs to fit within these sonic parameters, and we want to keep it simple.’’

Their almost nuclear family-like existence changed around five years ago when the four members settled in separate cities. Singer/bassist Dolf de Borst put down roots in Stockholm, Sweden, building a recording studio with Nicke Andersson (The Hellacopters, Imperial State Electric); guitarist Christian Livingstone returned to London, embracing the ways of a mad fuzz scientist and birthing his own FX pedal company, Magnetic Effects; guitarist Phil Somervell returned from Germany to Auckland, New Zealand, continuing his work as a squash coach and dabbling with other musical projects; and drummer Ben Cole, based himself permanently out of Wellington working as a session musician and playing with The Joint Chiefs and the Craig Terris Band.

While the band made Deep Sleep they collectively took an interest in 1970s French comic Kris Kool created by cult psychedelic artist Caza (Philippe Cazaumayou). Inspired and enamoured by his artwork while in the studio, the band contacted Caza direct – now 72 years old – and licensed two of his images for inclusion on Deep Sleep.



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